Fall Semester Schedule

We are super excited to spend this year learning Physics with you. Please read the assigned section and do the assigned homework each week before class. Thanks!

Introductory Physics Schedule

Fall Semester 2022

Aspire Scholar Academy

DateRead BEFORE ClassHomework Due at the Beginning of Class
Sept 8Bring supplies to be able to take notes, do homework that you can turn in and store papers.
Sept 15Preface for Students (p. xvii-xiv)

Read pg. 9-19

Read Pendulum Experiment, Appendix C
Ch 1 Exercises
Quiz 1

Answers for Homework to check your work.
Sept 22Read Section 2.1
(p. 20-34)

Unit Conversions Tutorial 1

Unit Conversions Tutorial 2
Lab Report

Please Bring a box of any size

Quiz 2

Quiz 2 Answers
Sept 29Section 2.2Unit Conversion Exercises on page 60,61

(Unit Conversion Answers in book)

Quiz 3
Quiz 3 Answers
Oct 6Section 2.3

Some videos you might like:

Crash Course Velocity
Motion Exercises on page 61,62
(Do five more than you finished in class)

Quiz 4
(We are going to go over answers in class)
Oct 13Read Chapter 3

Crash Course Laws of Motion
What did you learn from all the groups on Thursday OR
Ptolemaic and Copernican Revolution questions page 63
(You do not need to do both – The second option is for people who weren’t in class)

Quiz 5
Oct 20Read Soul of Motion Experiment, Appendix CNewton’s Second Law Practice Problems
Quiz 6
Oct 27Chapter 4Finish Chapter 3 Questions
Quiz 7
Nov 3Crash Course Work Energy & PowerLab Report
Nov 10Chapter 5

Crash Course Momentum
Chapter 4 Problems or Lab Report

Quiz 8
Nov 17FIELD TRIP – BYU AstronomyChapter 5 Problems

Quiz 9
Winterim (Optional)Chapter 8Fall Semester Exam
Chapter 8 Questions
Fall Semester Solutions