Winter Semester Schedule

We are excited to spend this semester studying Physics with you. We will be studying light, sound, atomic structure, electricity, magnetism and optics.

Some changes this semester are that homework will be turned in at the beginning of class (rather than checked off) and I need you to show some work. So if you do it all in your head or in your calculator explain what you did in a sentence or two. The second change is that we will not have quizzes (I wanted to warn you now so that you could cry in private!)

Here is the schedule. Like last semester I will be updating it as the semester goes a long so please check it each week. I will add videos (whenever possible) to reinforce reading.

 Introductory Physics Schedule

Winter Semester 2023

Aspire Scholar Academy

(Subject to Change)

Feb 2Atomic Models Read Chapter 6, Section 1 and 2
WatchThe History of Atomic Chemistry: Crash Course Chemistry #37
Feb 9DensityRead Chapter 6, Section 3Read Lab Instructions – P. 356-357
WatchFluids at Rest: Crash Course Physics #14
Turn In: Pg. 155Atomic Model Study Questions (1-3)
Pg. 155-156Volume/Mass & Weight ExercisesQuestions (1-7)
Feb 16Types of Substances Read Chapter 6, Sections 4 and 5
Turn In:Density Lab Report
Feb 23Heat and TemperatureRead: Chapter 7
Turn In::Pg. 156 Density Questions #1-5
Pg 156-157Substance Questions#1-3Phases of Matter Questions#1-2
March 2Waves, Sound and LightRead: Chapter 9
Turn In:: Page 172-173Temperature and Unit Conversion Questions #1-3
Heat Transfer and Kinetic Theory Questions#1-3
Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity #1-4
March 9Waves, Sound and LightTurn In:Wave Study Questions#1-10 pg 215
March 16ElectricityRead: Chapter 10
Turn In: 
March 23DC CircuitsRead: Chapter 11, Sections 1 and 2
Turn In: All Questions on Page #230
March 30DC CircuitsRead: Chapter 11, Sections 3
Turn In: Page 267 #1-9
April 13Fields and MagnetismRead: Chapter 12
Watch: Crash Course Magnetism
Turn In: Page 268
April 20Optics and LensesRead: Chapter 13
Turn In: Chapter 12 Field Study Exercises
April 27Turn In: Pages 289-290 all